Har tekstil
A comuseful company for community and Denizli
Har Tekstil is not only in its own business, but also in the sector and in the economy of the country. Har Textile has all legal, environmental and humanitarian structures in the company. Denizli province has made significant contributions especially in the textile sector and has made great strides for the development of Denizli province. Our company will do its best for the development of its own business and for the sustainability of the economy.
About Har Tekstil
Our Story...
Har Tekstil was founded in 2000. Since the year it was founded, it has grown continuously with a focus on innovation. Over the years, both in terms of production capacity and in quality, the company has improved the company's volume and has grown up to the present day by increasing acceleration. As Har Tek Textile we have been working since the day, we have been fulfilling customer wishes with mostly linen and bedclothes groups made of knitted fabric and customer expectations with modern design and quality products are met. Our export oriented company exports its products to European countries especially in bed and bath group. Our company, which is aware of the importance of fashion, design and branding works on textiles, continues to work with this concept of continuous development.
Our Mission and Vision
About who we are
Our vision is: to raise awareness about quality in the textile sector and to keep customer satisfaction in the foreground. To revive the economy as a permanent company in Denizli. Our Mission: To add value to our customers, employees and collecting continuously improving with the understanding of originality, continuity and quality.
Our Clients and Our Trust
Our most important value is customer satisfaction
We do our best to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the service and quality of their services. We are honest and solution oriented to our customers. Satisfaction of our customers is the main factor that has improved us. As a company we are always bound by laws and regulations. The fact that our conscience is always comfortable due to the quality of the work we do as Har Tekstil employees and firms depends on the integrity we do.