How can I reach you?
If you click on the "Contact" button at the top of our site, our contact page will be opened. You can fill out the form on the opening page and fill out the form.
What is Turkish Cotton?
Turkish cotton is a high quality cotton with longer fibers. Using longer fibers in yarn spinning allows the fibers to contact less with each other. Less contact makes your yarn softer. This makes it possible to obtain a softer and higher quality fabric. Turkish cotton is cultivated in a small area of Anatolia in the Aegean region.
Why Turkish Textile Products Have High Quality?
The Turkish textile products made from Turkish cotton have the characteristic of having a good balance between texture and softness, which makes it the best.
What units in your company are directing designs?
We also have design development and R & D department in our company
Can I replace a defective product during the process of use or during the washing process?
The product will be sent to Har Tekstil Headquarters for inspection. If the product is found to be defective at the end of our laboratory, it will be changed immediately, but user mistakes are not subject to change or refund.
How long will the item I buy get in the cargo and elite?
The purchased product is delivered to cargo within 4 working days from the order date.